Quantitative Methods:


  • NAMA provides quantitative research in two main forms for our clients:



CAPI: Computer Assisted Personal Interviews:

Used for interviews taking up to 15 minutes in length. NAMA uses its in-house call center to conduct CATI interviews where calls are made through tablets. As for the survey itself, it is programmed and scripted on the same tablets.


CATI: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews:


  • Used for interviews 15 minutes in length or exceeding that threshold. The interviews are completed using the same type of tablets and data collection software.
  • NAMA uses CSPro as a data entry software which combines the features of the Integrated Microcomputer Processing System (IMPS) and the Integrated System for Survey Analysis (ISSA). Survey questions are filled one at a time, and the software ensures that each field is complete before moving to the next field using quality assurance scripts which provides a zero margin of human error during interviews.




  •  NAMA carries out surveys of representative samples at the district level of around 14000 interviews and is prepared to run all types of samples from multi-stage probability samples, snowball, quota, predefined groups, and geography and group centric. 


Qualitative Methods:


  •  NAMA provides high quality research and quality assurance by using a variety of qualitative methods such as In-Depth Structured or semi-structured Interviews (IDIs), and Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) to provide well-formed advice to decision makers.
  • All qualitative fieldwork is conducted by highly trained and skilled moderators, who are trained to extract knowledge providing the maximum insights possible.
  • Our moderators respect respondents’ privacy and abide by internationally recognized standards.