About Us

NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions is a research, polling and consultancy firm established in Amman and headquartered at the King Hussein Business Park. NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions is a legally registered entity with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Media Commission, the Investment Commission, and Chamber of Commerce in Jordan. It is licensed by the relevant official entities to conduct strategic socio-economic development projects and studies across all sectors in the Jordanian market.

NAMA is a team of progressive minded experts taking action towards confronting the source of stagnation in socio-economic development and the lack of real, personalized and applicable intelligence.

The original idea was to create a think tank, but that quickly evolved into a more action oriented and innovative platform that enables stakeholders from both the private and public sectors to thrive.


We wanted real results, so we built NAMA. At NAMA, we fuel your growth strategy with actionable research and analysis.

NAMA is a vision protected by a culture that values merit, innovation, and standards. 

This vision caught on very quickly and NAMA grew exponentially to include a network of international and local award winning industry-specific experts.



Jeries Ziadat
Co-Founder, CEO