Nearly 94 percent of Jordanians empathize with refugees: UNHCR

In coordination with the Jordan-based research institute NAMA Strategic Intelligence Solutions, the study was conducted through phone interviews with a number of Jordanians living in Amman, Mafraq, and Karak, in order to understand the Jordanian public perception of refugees.

“We have said it time and time again, but the Jordanian public and government continues to lead the way in showing kindness and generosity towards refugees, and we now have the data to back that up,” said UNHCR Representative to Jordan, Dominik Bartsch, adding that more than 90 percent of respondents positively rated the Jordanian Government’s response towards refugees.

“It is clear that the Syria crisis has increased pressure on national systems. However, the continued inclusion of refugees in education, health services and the job market is part of the response we jointly put in place with the Government of Jordan. Until refugees can safely go back to their country of origin, support from the international community is critical in providing sustainable solutions for protracted conflicts,” added Bartsch.

Additionally, 73 percent of Jordanians expressed their willingness to help refugees in the Kingdom, with 40 percent already having donated money to support them.

Over 92 percent of respondents also indicated that they have been negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, due to the deterioration of the economy and increased unemployment. Although this did not translate in a direct change of opinion towards refugees, it represented an important element to consider in future studies according to the UNHCR.